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Automation Repair & Services

In this world of automated machinery, AI, and robotics, there is a sense that the service personnel are cut from the same cloth as their cold electro-mechanic devices that they repair and maintain. This is where Motiontek Industrial’s ideal was born. We are founded by a group of highly skilled engineers and technicians with over 20 years of experience in the field of automation, installation and system integration that wanted to provide a more flexible, creative, and human-focused service.

Our Services

Motiontek Industrial provides fast resolutions to critical production machinery and automation equipment failures. Our technical staff is experienced in a variety of machinery such as food processing equipment, packaging equipment, printers and labellers, and custom automation machinery

When you need a professional team of technicians to install and commission your machine products, Motiontek Industrial is the affordable choice. With our knowledgeable and dedicated technical staff we provide the complete installation package for you.

Preventative Maintenance

Motiontek Industrial believes in keeping all machinery and production equipment well maintained for optimum performance and minimal downtime. We offer several affordable plans that include inspection, cleaning, adjustments and parts replacement.

Automation Solutions

Our team of professionals consist of engineers, machinists, electricians and plc programmers that specialize in automation design and fabrication. Motiontek Industrial can take your manual production line to the next level.

Integrating Solutions

 Do you have a new piece of equipment that needs to be installed and work in harmony with your existing production line? Motiontek will seamlessly incorporate them into your factory or your client’s production line.


Over time situations change and you outgrow your space or equipment. Motiontek Industrial can help with the transition to the new space. We will carefully uninstall your equipment and prepare your equipment for transportation to its new location.


"Motiontek Industrial provided my company phenomenal service during a recent major machinery move.  The move was completed in the timelines that were originally agreed upon, without any extra costs.  The team at Motiontek was a pleasure to work with and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again!"
WG Pro Manufacturing
"Motiontek is always quick to respond when our customers need their machine serviced. They are patient in explaining what has gone wrong and are willing to work with the customer to find out the best solutions given the situation. They are a team you can rely on!"

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