About Us


In this world of automated machinery, artificial intelligence and robotics there is a sense that the service technicians are cut from the same cloth as their cold electro-mechanic devices that they repair and maintain. Inherently technicians and engineers are methodical, process driven and inflexible. This is typically reflected in the technician’s lack of enthusiasm and ultimately the frustration of the customer.

This is where Motiontek Industrial Inc. ideal was born. We were founded by a group of highly skilled engineers and technicians with over 30 years of experience in the fields of automation systems, equipment repair, and machine maintenance that wanted to provide a flexible more human, outside the box thinking kind of service.

Motiontek Industrial Inc. began as an on site machine service company that provided premium services that included performing machine installations, equipment repairs, and preventative maintenance for OEMs and end users. Immediately we incorporated this model to our business; Motiontek’s skilled technicians handled the maintenance of the customer’s production machines to allow our customers to do what they do best: produce and sell their products.

Success came quickly. Customers liked the idea that we were not just peddling autonomous contracted maintenance and that we were approachable. They found our team genuinely interested in becoming their “go-to” people to provide solutions to their production issues and that we cared about their success, regardless of who they were, what they produced or the size of their business. Sometimes we didn’t make much money but we did gain a valuable human asset: a relationship of mutual respect (as it turns out, a valuable business asset as well).

Since we were already providing professional services for OEMs and end users, the next logical step was for Motiontek Industrial Inc to use our team’s extensive knowledge of machinery and provide automation solutions, such as custom automated system integrations. We understood the technology and respected the customer’s needs; this was a winning combination for both of us.

Today Motiontek Industrial Inc. provides complete machine solutions for our customers, to take them to their next level of production, because when our customers succeed, WE have succeeded and there is no better human feeling than success!